Anna Rhodes Personal Training - Anna Rhodes Personal Training

Ultimate Girls Ultimate Girls

Ultimate Girls

Join my signature online coaching program to build a health and fitness regime that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. Live a life feeling confident in all the clothes you wear – without the restriction


A consultation with Anna to set your individual goals, outline what you want to achieve, and map out exactly how we will get you there as well as 6 weekly reviews.

24/7 FULL CONTACT support from me through my training app, Facebook and email

Weekly accountability calls and LIVE coaching guide you through every step of the way

6-week blocks of progressive training phases to see more improvements in the gym than you ever have before

Access to my coaching app with in-app videos to show you exactly how to complete every single movement, track every workout and even congratulate you on your PBs.

Added to a private community of likeminded women sharing your journey with you, encouraging you and helping you thrive so you’ll never feel like your going at it alone

Sent my comprehensive nutrition guide, showing you exactly how to set up your own flexible diet that is tailored to your goals and once this is learned it is a skill you will have FOR LIFE

A personalised calorie and macro nutrition goal calculated by myself as a highly experienced nutrition coach (AND NOT A CALCULATOR) and integrated into your app

Additional support PDF guidelines depending on the program you choose

Lifting for girls Lifting for girls

Lifting for girls

Lifting for Girls is a small group training programme, available both online and in person in Sydney, Australia, for girls who want to learn how to lift weights. Turn your average gym sessions from ones being dictated by “what you feel like training”, or going to classes designed for just any gym-goer, to dynamic, results-inducing female based weights sessions.


Weight training program to teach you the exact basics of a weight training program so you know exactly what to do in the gym

group PT sessions located in Sydney Australia

Nutrition Consultion best results from your program

Lifting for Girls Facebook support group

Track your workouts and be ever more accountable with access to coaching through

Lifting for Girls Training app (worth $50 per week!)

Plus a bonus of access to my nutrition guidelines 101 PDF pack

Personal Training Personal Training

Personal Training

Work with Anna 1-1 in a personal training studio in Sydney, Australia to level up your training regime. Go from feeling overwhelmed by different fitness options, unhappy with your current results, to having clear direction and accountability with the number one female-only personal trainer.

What’s included?

Become more toned, build muscle, lose fat, increase fitness levels and strength with high quality and dynamic one-to-one workouts

Full nutritional guidance and results-driven training programmes tailored towards your goals

Full body consultations and body analysis stats

Guaranteed results


Group Personal Training packages also available

Ultimate Bride Guide Ultimate Bride Guide

Ultimate Bride Guide

Love every step of your engagement, feel the most confident you ever have and transform your physique to become the ultimate bride



A comprehensive list diet DO’s and DON’T to ensure you never feel lost in the run up to your wedding

4 CRUCIAL diet habits to master to make sure you avoid any crash dieting

A FULL wedding prep protocol for every step from your engagement to your big day

INCLUDES a FREE training program to get you more ‘toned’ than you have ever felt before