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So, how do you get them?

1. Genetics. A first and foremost, cold-hard-truth that you can’t do much about. If you have naturally a strong core, a small waist, you don’t store a lot of body fat on your stomach (but rather you my legs/hips/bum), then you may have natural abs that won’t need much of the below tips to make them show. This is not common for most of the female population however!

2. Exercise and Development. Personally, I grew up doing lots of swimming / dancing / gymnastics. This helped me to have a strong stomach from a young age. Entering into my late teens and early twenties I began heavy weight training, which again caused the stabilising muscles around my midsection to strengthen. If you are relatively new to exercise, weight training will be the way to go.

3. Low body fat. You have to either have very naturally low body fat around your stomach to see abs or you are going to have to diet to lose fat from everywhere, including your abs. And even then you might not see them, again it comes down to point number 1, genetics.

4. Last on the list would be training your abs. You could do SOME ab work to make them grow, loading them with weights just like your other muscles. But the top three points I’ve mentioned far outweigh this last point.

As you can see – hours of unweighted crunches will never give you a 6 pack unfortunately.

But the real question I ask to you is; do you really want abs?

What would you choose – shredded abs or being long term happy?

Because for MOST women to get this level of lean, this is going to be your choice.

Long term happiness is not going to come from looking like you do nothing but go to the gym and prep your food (and this is exactly what you would have to do, btw).

As a done and dusted bikini competitor, I’ve HAD shredded abs. And I know the exact the tools to get myself back to this point if I wanted to. I could coach my clients to get there too.

But I just don’t use those tools anymore.

I’ve done it enough times that I know WITH CERTAINTY it won’t make me or my clients happy. I get asked sometimes if I will coach girls for bikini preps and now my answer is now a firm no. The most “extreme” transformation type of coaching I’ll now willingly do is a wedding prep, and even then I try my absolute best to moderate how lean and how extreme we want to get. I am constantly working on mindset, what we will do after the wedding and just generally managing expectations with those girls.

So if you were drawn to this article thinking “I’d love to look like that or get myself into that type of shape”, you need to challenge them thoughts. Like big time challenge them.

Cherish your life and happiness. You won’t find it in abs.