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As a personal trainer and online coach I have worked with a broad range of women. Throughout the years of working with them I have come to learn their obstacles and concerns when it comes to their training. This has led to the creation of my Ultimate Girls online coaching program, which aims help women who are pressured by societal norms to “have it all,” overwhelmed by mainstream media on how to live their life and how they should look, and the constant stresses this brings to day to day life. I transform these women into ones who feel they are succeeding in all aspects of their life, living a glamorous but fundamentally healthy, balanced, and enjoyable lifestyle. I provide a flexible health and fitness method that proves astounding results for busy and sociable girls in the long term – aesthetically, physically and mentally.

I am also known for the creation of my Lifting for Girls programme. Originally designed as group training sessions, now a thriving online community, ‘Lifting for Girls‘ aims to give women the confidence to correctly incorporate weight training into their gym regime and overcome those insecurities stepping into a male dominated area.

I am a national bikini fitness competitor, winning the 2015 Miami Pro and BodyPower Junior Bikini in 2016 and taking top four places in a number of other competitions throughout the UK. I also enjoy testing myself through endurance challenges, having cycled 600 miles in 7 days from Leeds to Paris, finished the Herts triathlon and competed a 7 day trek in the Himalayas. I now mainly focus my training around mixed martial arts, specifically Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. I am no stranger to trying something completely new and I am fully aware of how daunting this can be.

Moving from an extreme bodybuilding background to a much more relatable and sustainable approach to my own training has allowed me to understand more than ever what girls want from their gym regime. My programmes help REAL gals. And you know why I wanted that to be so important? Because I am just that! Totally normal. I am super busy. I want to enjoy my training. I want to look good on instagram. I want something achievable. I want something maintainable. I want to look good in a bridesmaid dress. I want to look good in a bikini. I JUST GEDDIT! I am so excited to start working with you and for you to join our girl squad.

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